Lower Trent Conservation


Lower Trent Conservation charges fees to assist with covering program costs for services and products that are not supported through government funding.  The fees take into account estimated staff time, travel, and material costs, but only partially cover the cost of the service.

Prior to establishing these fees, Lower Trent Conservation consulted with municipalities, representatives of the development industry, the public, and others.

Lower Trent Conservation Fee Policy & Schedules - 2018
  • Planning & Technical Review Fees (Schedule 1)
  • Section 28 Permit Fees (Schedule 2)
  • General Fees (Schedule 3)
  • Tree Seedling Fees (Schedule 4)
NOTICE: Opportunity for Public Comment on Proposed 2019 Fee Policy & Schedules
PROPOSED 2019 Fee Policy & Schedules for Lower Trent Conservation

We accept payment via CASH, VISA/MASTERCARD, or CHEQUE (payable to Lower Trent Conservation).