Lower Trent Conservation
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Collectively, Conservation Authorities own and protect a total of 150,000 hectares, including forests, wetlands, areas of natural and scientific interest, recreational lands, natural heritage and cultural sites, as well as, land for flood and erosion control.


Current Conditions

Provisional data: The data provided on this page is in its raw form and has not been checked for errors/omissions. Anyone using this data is cautioned to carefully consider the provisional nature of this information and should not use it for making decisions that concern personal or public safety. Lower Trent Conservation and its employees accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury, or loss in value to any person, property, service or otherwise, resulting from its use.

Steam Flow Summary

Trent River System Water Levels

Precipitation Report

Trent-Severn Waterway:

Lake Ontario Water Levels:

Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry Surface Water Monitoring Centre

Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network (CoCoRaHS)

  • CoCoRaHS is a volunteer network – Daily precipitation data available across Canada