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More the 80 % of Ontario’s population receives their drinking water from a municipal drinking water system. Municipalities, Conservation Authorities, and Source Protection Authorities others play a strong role in ensuring that municipally treated drinking water is safe for our use.

Bid and Tender Opportunities

Welcome to the Bid and Tender Opportunities

Lower Trent Conservation Authority strives to purchase and supply the proper equipment, materials, supplies, and services using a competitive process that is open, transparent, and fair to all. 

Public tenders, bids, and requests for proposals and quotes are posted here.  

Purchasing Support:

If you have questions about a specific opportunity, please direct your inquiry to the contact person listed in the project document.

LTC Purchasing Policy

Technical Support:

If you encounter technical issues, please contact [email protected]

Current Opportunities

The following is a list of our current opportunities. Please refer to the Status to determine if the opportunity is open, cancelled, closed or awarded.

2023-CS-01 – LTC Information Technology and Operations Review

We are looking for qualified professionals to conduct an Information Technology and Operations Review.

Deadline for Questions
Monday, March 20, 2023 at 4:00 pm local time

Deadline for Proposal Submissions
Thursday, April 6, 2023 at 4:00 pm local time

Download Documents/Attachments
2023-CS-01 LTC Information Technology and Operations Review Request for Proposal
2023-CS-01 Form – Declaration of Conflict of Interest

Response to Questions


Our Purchasing Principles

  • Efficient/Effective Acquisition: Lower Trent Conservation will acquire the necessary quality and quantity of products and services, including professional and consulting services in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • Open Market Purchasing: Acquisitions shall be undertaken using an open market procedure wherever practical.
  • All Costs Considered: Evaluating proposals and quotations will be done in a manner which considers all costs including quality of the product/service, location of vendor, operational costs, and disposal, rather than a decision based solely on the lowest purchase price.
  • Unsatisfactory Proposals: Proposals or quotations which do not meet the specifications, terms or conditions may be rejected.
  • Sustainability Ethic: Lower Trent Conservation will acquire necessary products and services with due regard for the preservation of the natural environment, incorporating recycled materials where applicable.
  • Confidentiality: Where requested by persons responding to requests for proposals, confidentiality concerning the proposal or quotation will be maintained.  Once a contract award is made, any report or documentation concerning such award shall become a matter of public record. Any proprietary information contained within a proposal or quotation will be subject to MFIPPA.
  • Health and Safety: All contractors undertaking work for Lower Trent Conservation will be required to comply with applicable legislation including the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the requirements of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. In addition, contractors will be required to sign the LTC Contractor Health and Safety Procedures manual.
  • Accountability: Staff authorized to undertake purchasing functions on behalf of Lower Trent Conservation should be at all times cognizant of their responsibility to the Board of Directors, funding partners, and other members of staff.