Lower Trent Conservation
Did You Know?

In the past 100 years, anywhere from 200 to 500 terrestrial vertebrate species have gone extinct. This is at least 100 times greater than the natural rate of extinction. 40.7% of amphibian species are endangered or at risk of becoming endangered.

Private Lands Stewardship

Lower Trent Conservation staff can support landowners with technical advice, grant applications and other resources to steward lands and waters in your care.  Our programs can help you with stewardship activities including:

Native Plant Sale

  • Gardening and landscaping with native plants to sustain beneficial insects and birds

Emerald Ash Borer Replacement Tree Program

  • Controlling invasive species and replacing with native ones


  • Creating a raingarden (urban areas)
  • Planting trees and shrubs to buffer waterways, reduce shoreline erosion; fill in forest gaps
  • Fencing livestock out of streams; providing alternate sources of drinking water
  • Growing cover crops on agricultural fields to prevent soil erosion and compaction
  • Free soil testing

Tree Planting

  • Boosting forest cover through full-service large-scale tree planting with funding from Forests Ontario’s 50 Million Tree program

Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program

  • If you have a minimum of 4.0 ha of forest on your property, prepare a forest management plan to submit to the province for a 75% property tax exemption

Conservation Lands Tax Incentive Program

  • If you have natural heritage features (eg. areas of natural and scientific interest, habitats of endangered species, provincially significant wetlands) on your property, you may apply to the province for a 100% property tax exemption

For more information or to schedule your site visit with Lower Trent Conservation, please call the office to speak to an appropriate staff member.