Lower Trent Conservation
Did You Know?

In the past 100 years, anywhere from 200 to 500 terrestrial vertebrate species have gone extinct. This is at least 100 times greater than the natural rate of extinction. 40.7% of amphibian species are endangered or at risk of becoming endangered.


Species at Risk

Over 180 species are at risk in Ontario.   Every time a species is eliminated, many more species are affected upsetting the natural balance of the ecosystem.  It is important to the health of all living things that we protect Ontario’s biodiversity and think long term about the implications of our actions. 

The Endangered Species Act, 2007

In 2007, Ontario introduced the new Endangered Species Act to protect species at risk and their habitat.  The province now protects more species and their habitat and provides flexibility to balance protection with social and economic factors and provide sensible solutions. What does this mean to you?  If you are planning any development projects on your property and you are unsure as to whether you might be infringing on a Species at Risk or its habitat, contact your local Conservation Authority or Municipality to understand how it might affect you.