Lower Trent Conservation
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More the 80 % of Ontario’s population receives their drinking water from a municipal drinking water system. Municipalities, Conservation Authorities, and Source Protection Authorities others play a strong role in ensuring that municipally treated drinking water is safe for our use.

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Lower Trent Conservation 2023 Watershed Report Card

Lower Trent Conservation staff use an integrated, science-based approach to understanding the ecological processes and state of natural resources in the watershed. Staff can be regularly seen in action monitoring water quality and quantity through partnership programs:

  • Provincial Water Quality Monitoring Network
  • Ontario Benthos Biomonitoring Network
  • Provincial Groundwater Monitoring Network

Did you know that together, Ontario’s Conservation Authorities monitor 1,129 surface water sites and 489 groundwater sites? Learn more about how Conservation Authorities contribute to healthy watersheds.

Check out how Lower Trent Conservation’s watershed is doing.