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Lower Trent Conservation is a community-based non-profit environmental protection organization that protects, restores and manages the natural resources within the Lower Trent watershed region. We work with local communities to create a healthy, environmentally diverse watershed that improves the quality of life for residents, makes our area more appealing to visitors and new business, and helps to ensure a more vibrant regional economy. 

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Low Water Level in the Warkworth Reservoir

Wondering why the water levels in the reservoir seem to be lower than usual?

The water levels in the Warkworth reservoir are affected by a variety of factors.

The inflow to the dam is from Burnley Creek. Currently the water levels in Burnley Creek are extremely low and it would require a great deal of precipitation to increase the inflows to the reservoir.  There has been less than 2 inches of rain so far in July and no substantial rain since early June resulting in the low flows in the creek.

The outflow from the reservoir to downstream of the dam is actually higher than usual. Last summer, Lower Trent Conservation and the Municipality of Trent Hills commissioned a dam safety report on the Warkworth Dam. The technical portion of the dam safety review included an evaluation of the operational components of the dam and a complete survey of the reservoir. This assessment required the full opening of one side of the dam which allowed a great deal of sediment to be released from the reservoir. Traditionally that sediment had the effect of sealing some space between the logs in the dam and thereby decreased outflows. There has always been a degree of water flowing between the logs.

The dam is actually operating efficiently and the increased downstream flows are beneficial for the lower reaches of Burnley Creek. 




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