Lower Trent Conservation


Percy Reach_web.jpgOur Lower Trent Conservation watershed is a beautiful place to be. It is home to many landforms that support diverse forests, wetlands as well as agricultural lands, cities, towns and villages. The core of the Lower Trent Conservation watershed region is the Trent River, which runs from Rice Lake, winding through rolling drumlin hills into the Bay of Quinte and eventually Lake Ontario. Many of our local streams are fed by the Oak Ridges Moraine. The watershed is also home to rare prairie and savannah ecosystems, ancient glacial shorelines and beaches, river gorges, old growth forests, and giant boulders brought here by ice.

The Trent River valley needs our help to be healthy.  It needs more forests to ensure thriving ecosystems both on land and in the water.  Many of our woodlots are fragmented and need to be reconnected. To keep our drinking water clean, our streams, lakes and river need to be sheltered by trees and shrubs. To safeguard our groundwater we need to protect existing wetlands and restore ones that were lost.