Lower Trent Conservation

Hazard Lands Regulations

hazardlands.jpgTo ensure public safety during times of flooding and erosion, and to help protect the local environment, Lower Trent Conservation administers hazard land regulations.  Effective May 8, 2006, the Development, Interference with Wetlands & Alterations to Shorelines and Watercourses Regulation replaced the Conservation Authority Fill, Construction and Alteration to Waterways Regulation. A significant change resulting from the amended regulation is the inclusion of lands located along the Lake Ontario and Bay of Quinte shoreline and all wetlands and adjacent lands. 

By reviewing applications for activities near wetlands, watercourses or shorelines, Lower Trent Conservation can ensure that development will not be impacted by flooding or erosion problems and that new development does not aggravate flooding problems upstream or downstream. Environmental impacts are also taken into consideration before issuing a permit.

If your property is adjacent to a river or valley system, wetland or the Lake Ontario/Bay of Quinte shoreline, you must receive written permission from Lower Trent Conservation before initiating certain types of work.  Activities that need approval:

  • Construction, reconstruction or placing of a building/structure of any kind.
  • Any change to a building/structure that would alter the use, size or number of dwelling units site grading.
  • Temporary or permanent placing or removal of any material originating on the site.
  • Straightening, changing, diverting or interfering in any way with a watercourse, shoreline or wetland.

Special note regarding the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO)
Lower Trent Conservation's partnership agreement with DFO is no longer in effect as a result of amendments made to the federal Fisheries Act that came into effect November 25, 2013. To determine if you are undertaking a project that may require the approval of DFO under the Fisheries Act and the Species at Risk Act, visit the DFO website. If you are unsure what you need, call us at 613-394-4829 for details.