Lower Trent Conservation


ECO-Expressive Arts workshop @ Proctor Park                                                                   Saturday, April 2nd: 10 am – 12 pm

Come explore the natural world and travel into the inner world of imagination and creativity
in and with nature. No art experience is required. Participants will be invited to find a special
nook--a tree, or rock-- where they will spend time deeply exploring and creating in various
ways.  Using materials they find around them they can make an image or assemblage or
mask, followed by journaling or writing a poem or a song.  It will be spontaneous and playful.
 Bring a journal or notebook, pen/pencil and if you wish, mark-making tools (such as markers), a camera to take a picture of your creation, and a seat. This event combines
Ecotherapy and Expressive Arts Therapy (ExAT) to promote growth and healing. 

Our guest host is Luci Dilkus (MFA), a student of the ExAT programme at the
CREATE Institute under supervision of a registered psychotherapist, and ExAT
Outdoor Environment Facilitator programme at the Canadian International Institute
of Art Therapy.

Register: www.cognitoforms.com/LowerTrentConservation/discoveringourwatershedecoexpressiveartsworkshop

$10 registration fee. Maximum 20 participants.

Meet at Proctor Park parking lot at north end of Kingsley Avenue in Brighton.


NAture Journaling @ Goodrich-Loomis CA                                                                              Saturday, April 9th: 10 am – 12 pm                                                                                                                                                

Connect with nature through nature journaling! Go outside. Pay attention.
Look closely. Listen. Feel. Corina Brdar (MSc), a local ecologist, will lead us through
some fun observation exercises that you can use anywhere to deepen your connection
with nature. Please bring a sharpie marker, a notebook and pen, a folding chair, and a
sense of curiosity, as well as whatever you need to feel comfortable sitting outdoors
at this time. Visit: livingbeingmindfulness.weebly.com to learn more about this practice.

Register: www.cognitoforms.com/LowerTrentConservation/DiscoveringOurWatershedNatureJournalingWorkshop  

$10 registration fee. Maximum 20 participants.

Meet at Goodrich-Loomis CA parking lot at 1331 Pinewood School Rd., off Hwy 30 just north of Brighton. Access via Loomis Road.


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