Environmental Advisory ServiceLower Trent Conservation is a collector, interpreter, and provider of information. The Conservation Authoritys role is to conduct studies and monitor conditions, interpret the information, and get the information out to the municipalities and the watershed community....providing environmental expertise to the watershed community...



The Environmental Advisory Service includes theProviding technical advise to landowners. following components:

Monitoring/Assessing Watershed Conditions
water sampling " site inspections " public input

Watershed Strategies
" watershed and subwatershed plans
shoreline management plans
" natural heritage planning

Municipal Planning Program
" providing input to the development of Official Plans and Comprehensive Zoning By-Laws
" reviewing planning applications (eg. subdivisions, severances, zoning by-law amendments, minor variances) and providing advice to municipalities on environmental impacts (re: floodplains, wetlands, stormwater management, erosion, etc.)

Collection of Watershed Information (Inventories and Mapping)
" natural areas inventories " digital mapping

Interpretation/Dissemination of Conservation Information
displays fact sheets presentations reports responses to individuals

NEW!  Check out this new website to find out more about the Oak Ridges Moraine, and what local municipalities and conservation authorities are doing to gain a better understanding of the hydrogeologic function of this important natural feature. York-Peel-Durham-Toronto (YPDT) Coalition & the Conservation Authorities Moraine Coalition (CAMC)