Contact Us

You can contact Lower Trent Conservation at the following:


Jim Kelleher General Manager Ext. 212
Anne Anderson Watershed Management Coordinator Ext. 219
Jeff Borisko Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan - Coordinator Ext. 213
Marilyn Bucholtz Communications Coordinator Ext. 216
Don Campbell Secretary-Treasurer Ext. 215
Frank Cherrier Conservation Lands Assistant 392-5073
Andrew Doiron Source Protection Planning Coordinator Ext. 251

Myriam Genet

Drinking Water Source Protection - Administrative Assistant

Ext. 245

David Impey Conservation Services Coordinator 392-5073
Mike Lovejoy Hazard Lands Program Coordinator Ext. 211
Dave Marriott Environmental Planner (acting) Ext.220
Sangita Mhatre Drinking Water Source Protection - Data Management Coordinator Ext. 218
Anna Morgan Resources Information Technician Ext. 210
Shan Mugalingam Drinking Water Source Protection - Water Resources Engineer Ext. 247
Will Murphy GIS Technician Ext. 217
Joyce Olson Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan Ext. 214
Dan Orr Communications Assistant Ext. 250
Sharlene Polman Environmental Planning Assistant Ext. 224
Glenda Rodgers Drinking Water Source Protection - Project Manager Ext. 246
Ashley Wilson Landowner Contact Specialist - 'Caring for the Moraine' Project Ext. 225