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Fishing and My Time at Lower Trent Conservation

15. June 2011 18:11

Posted by: Andrew Waddling

On Saturday June 4th, 2011 I was at Seymour Conservation Area for the annual Seymour Family Fishing Day. I arrived around 7:30am to help with setup, and a few kids were already fishing before the event even started.  At 8:30am, kids started showing up and my job began.  My job was to sign-in kids for the draw that was supposed to be at 11am.  Around 9:30am was when the majority of the kids showed up.  

I had a chance to walk around and see how everyone was doing.  Close to the tent, not too much was caught but across from the tent, every kid had a bucket filled with rock bass and rainbow trout. Then at 10:30 things took a turn for the worse, a thunderstorm started. Due to the thunderstorm we had to do the draw early. We handed out around nine prizes then started packing up. We ended up leaving around noon, two hours earlier then planed. By the end of the event we counted around 82 people that attended.  Other then the rain, the fishing was good.



I have been a co-op student here at Lower Trent Conservation for 18 weeks and this has been a great experience. At first it was kind of slow, just learning about what a conservation authority does, how to use different software on the computers, and the odd day of field work.

I had the chance to go snow sampling with Mike and Frank, and well water monitoring with Sharlene. As the snow went away the more field work I got to do, like river watch and surface water sampling. Once May hit I started doing benthic sampling and putting in temperature probes with our summer staff Jenni, and Jade. But I couldn’t do field work every day. When I was at the office I was organizing the library database, and helping out anyone that needed assistance with any work. The people at Lower Trent Conservation were very nice and made this a great experience.




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