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Holiday Green Ideas from Lower Trent Conservation Staff

6. December 2010 18:29

Posted by Dan Orr (Communications Assistant)

I recently asked our staff if they had any green tips for celebrating the holidays, here’s what they had to say:

Marilyn Bucholtz (Communications Coordinator)- A lot of gifts I give often consist of my homemade preserves right from our garden.  Garden salsa and pepper jelly are favourites!  I also like to use re-usable bags (cloth or paper) for gift wrapping.  And of course, giving a Prince Edward County wine is reaching the top of my list … for the adults at least!

Myriam Genet (Administrative Assistant) – My Kids make ornaments from stuff outdoors, or with older christmas cards/wrapping/popcorn.  I tend to use creative gift boxes that don’t need to be wrapped – I use baskets and pretty tins. I also email Christmas greetings instead of cards, although the older folks don’t appreciate this much ;)

Will Murphy (GIS Technician) - An idea that was adopted at the train club was to give to charity instead of giving gifts.  The train club donated food to the local food bank.  Not sure if that could be considered green but it sure saves on driving all over the place looking for gifts, wrapping paper, sanity etc.  I think it is green to give gifts to those who only really need the gift.  I would also like to add that people should avoid buying wrapping paper that cannot be recycled.  I have seen and accidentally bought some pretty weird material for wrapping paper the last few years.

Mike Lovejoy (Hazard Lands Program Coordinator) - I have a fake tree and have had it for about 10 years. I save quite a lot of the paper and rice paper and bows, I even make some decorations with coloured paper, popcorn and harvested cones. We keep our gift giving to only what we know the other person could use, and not a bunch of useless crap.

Daniel Orr (Communications Assistant) – Everyone knows which presents are from me, and not because I’m an absolute terrible gift wrapper, but because they are wrapped in newspaper.  I tend to use the funnies section just to keep things colourful and fun. The best part of course, is that it is 100% recyclable.

Christine McClure (Watershed Projects Leader – Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan) - I have a few ideas: Instead of exchanging gifts my extended family each puts in $10 and chooses a charity.  Then we have a draw and whichever charity wins gets all of the money. 
Last year I attended a “re-gifting” party with my siblings.  Why spend money and increase your carbon footprint buying gifts when your trash may be another’s treasure.  The re-gifted gifts were then used in a gift exchange game.
And lastly,When our family was in the middle of moving, instead of buying a Christmas tree we decorated a potted houseplant.



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