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Meet Lower Trent Conservation's New General Manager!

19. October 2010 19:46

I’m Glenda Rodgers, the General Manager at Lower Trent Conservation and I’ve been on the job for two weeks.  It’s been a good two weeks, mostly because of the excellent staff here at the Conservation Authority.  They know their stuff and have been very helpful in getting me immersed in the 2010 program and in looking forward to 2011.



It’s not that I am new to Lower Trent Conservation.  I’ve worked here for 20+ years, doing this and that, and most recently as project manager of the Trent Conservation Coalition drinking water source protection program.  Working on that large undertaking (for the whole Trent River watershed) has been exciting and challenging.  But…if the first two weeks are any indication, my new job as manager of Lower Trent will be even more rewarding.  I am excited to be back in the broader watershed management business – working with local people to protect and enhance the watershed health of the lower Trent region.


I want to work with local communities and people to get conservation projects on the ground.  And I want these good news stories publicized, posted, shared!   One of the areas I want to focus on next year, is encouraging landowners to naturalize their shorelines.  The message:  healthy shorelines – clean water.  Everyone wants clean water!


My passion is Lower Trent Conservation.  The Conservation Authority is a great place to work - the watershed a great place to live and a great place to play.  When I’m not at the office, I am apt to be out and about enjoying the great outdoors.  Come check out our Conservation Areas – you might find me there canoeing, biking, skiing or hiking. Or maybe soaking up the rays or taking in the view from our new look out tower at Sager.  See you on the trail!



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