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A Brief History of Summertime

30. August 2010 20:35

Posted by Dan Orr
Communications Assistant


Well for the most part, summer has come and went.  Most of our summer staff are headed back to school, and everyone else seems to be back from holidays.  It’s a great time of year for Lower Trent Conservation as we think back to what we accomplished this summer. 

To kick off the summer as we do every year we hold our famous Seymour Family Fishing Day at Seymour Conservation Area.  Over 100 people enjoyed rainbow trout fishing at our quarry at Seymour Conservation Area on June 5th.  Kids enjoyed prizes, local police helped the younger ones on how to cast, and various professionals anglers  gave numerous fishing demonstrations.

This year was full of some pretty interesting projects too.  The first being a new project for us called Yellow Fish Road.  Trout Unlimited Canada's Yellow Fish Road program has been taking part all over Canada since 1991.  We were finally able to bring this program to our watershed in Centreton Ontario with great success.  Councillors, high school students, girl guides, and of course our staff all made this first event amazing. We all set out and painted yellow fish on storm drains to raise awareness that anything that goes down these storm drains including gas, oil, and other pollutants enter waterways untreated.  The event was so successful we will be trying to bring this to other communities in our watershed in the next few years.  For photos visit


This summer also marked our second year of Eco Spark’s Check Your Watershed Day a one day volunteer based event where teams of volunteers measure stream depths, widths, and flow.  The data we collected will give us a better idea of the water that goes through our watershed. This year we focussed on the Percy Creek Subwatershed which is in the eastern most part of the Oak Ridges Moraine.  We had about 40 volunteers from all over the province attend our humble event which in turn humbled us.  Check out http://www.ecospark.ca/monitoringthemoraine/check_your_watershed_day/2010location/percy

What else did we do?  Well it was our 12th year of the Goodrich-Loomis Nature Camp, we attended the Hastings County Plowing Match, linked the Bleasdell Boulder Conservation Area with the Lower Trent Trail, monitored groundwater, surface water, and benthic invertebrates, provided assistance to landowners, and well, so much more.

So what’s next?  Well we certainly don’t sit around doing nothing!  Coming this fall, we will be unveiling the new and improved Sager Conservation Area where a new lookout tower and trail to the top will be presented.  We will be having an opening ceremony to commemorate the event, details to that will follow.  One more thing we are busy getting ready for is a new program for Campbellford students where we will be asking them “what can you do to improve your watershed?” Students will compete against other students and present their ideas for a chance at cash prizes, and even an iPad. http://ltc.on.ca/events/education/cfow/  

If you want to know more contact me at dan.orr@ltc.on.ca





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