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14. May 2010 20:32

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Dan Orr, Communications Assistant


Welcome to Lower Trent Conservation’s New Website!  We worked hard at this new version and the fine folks at ReVue Design did an amazing job putting this site together for us. It was a daunting task on both ends.


the new towerI really wanted to focus on the website for our first blog, but a major development has happened with regards to the Sager Conservation Area lookout tower, and since I personally find Sager to be one of our best Conservation Areas, I just had to focus on it.

The tower has always been very popular with locals and tourists.  I myself used to venture to this Conservation Area frequently in my younger years, and now almost as frequently as I have the opportunity to work for Lower Trent Conservation.  If you’ve ever been to the area you would know that the lookout tower offered a panoramic view of the Trent River valley, the Bay of Quinte, and the communities of Belleville, Quinte West and Stirling.


But last year, after serving the watershed residents for 33 years, we removed the aging tower as it was beginning to become a safety concern, and promised to have a new tower built by October of 2010.

We had initially placed $60,000 in our budget for the new tower, but after receiving proposals for the construction of a new one we learned we were considerably short.  However, the Parrott Foundation recently donated $40,000 for the new tower, just enough to have the tower built and completed this summer!


So what will this new tower look like?  We played around with this question for some time.  The old tower was completely made out of wood, and although wood offers a look, feel, and consistency you would expect to find at a Conservation Area, it is also expensive and time consuming to maintain.  A cold steel tower, lasts forever, but really does not look right in a Conservation Area.  What we decided on was a hybrid between the two; a steel structure with recycled plastic lumber as floor boards.  We think this will offer a longer lasting, easier to maintain tower that will still look right at home at Sager. The image above and to the right is the new tower.  We'll update everyone once the tower is up and ready to be enjoyed.


If you have any questions please contact me at dan.orr@ltc.on.ca



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