Lower Trent Conservation

How to Show Your Lve

Giving Back to Nature

We are all touched by the beauty of our natural world. Some of our most precious life moments happen in the great outdoors - outdoor adventures, summers camping or at the cottage, fun-filled times spent with family and friends, tranquil moments or perhaps even spiritual experiences. To ensure these traditions continue, please consider a gift in support of Lower Trent Conservation's environmental and conservation initiatives. Gifts to our charitable organization help to ensure that the natural beauty and delicate ecosystems so abundant in our region are protected and preserved for future generations.

Why Show Lve to the Lower Trent Watershed?

The Lower Trent Watershed is indeed a very special place. Our region is blessed with abundant lands, renowned waterways, remarkable flora and treasured wildlife. Residents and visitors alike cherish the Lower Trent Watershed for many reasons including the 1,540 hectares of fresh air, clean water and exceptional outdoor spaces. The core of our region is the majestic Trent River, which winds its way from Rice Lake through the rolling hills of Northumberland into Hastings County, draining into the beautiful Bay of Quinte, and eventually Lake Ontario. Numerous species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish call the Lower Trent Watershed their home.

As a non-profit registered charity, Lower Trent Conservation invites you to join our quest to protect and preserve the natural beauty of this watershed for now and future generations.

In 2016, your volunteer efforts and generous donations helped to:

  • Educate over 3,000 students, enabling them to understand the importance of our local waterways and natural areas through our Connecting KIDS with NATURE initiatives.
  • Facilitate the sale and eventual planting of more than 15,000 native species tree seedlings to over 150 local land owners.
  • Reach out to over 25,000 individuals including spectators and participants at community events, special presentations and guest speaking engagements in promotion of numerous environmental and conservation initiatives.