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A number of documents will be produced to assist the Source Protection Committee with the development of a Source Protection Plan for the Trent Conservation Coalition Source Protection Region. 

Watershed Characterization Report
Completion:  Fall 2007
The Watershed Characterization Report will provide the Source Protection Committee with detailed information of the existing physical and human characteristics of the planning region.  It will also provide an analysis of water quality conditions and trends, and identification of potential issues. 

Terms of Reference
Completion:  Late 2007
After the Source Protection Committee is in place, its first task will be to develop its own terms of reference.  The terms of reference will outline all the steps to be taken to develop and implement a plan to protect drinking water sources.  It will set out who is responsible for carrying out different activities.  The document will also include strategies to consult with potentially affected property owners and other watershed residents.

Water Budget and Water Quantity Risk Assessment
Completion:  2008
The Water Budget and Water Quantity Risk Assessment Report will provide information on how water flows through the watershed and will estimate the amount of available water.  It will also assess the sustainability of water supply sources from a quantity perspective. The ultimate goal of this report is to identify watershed communities where the sustainability of water supplies is questionable and to highlight key factors that may limit the sustainability.

Assessment Report
Completion:  2009
The Assessment Report is an analysis of water issues and will identify the vulnerable areas and threats.  The report will assess:

Quantity and quality of water
Vulnerable areas
- groundwater recharge areas
highly vulnerable aquifers
surface water intake protection zones
wellhead protection areas
Existing issues
Existing and future drinking-water threats in vulnerable areas
Significant drinking water risks

Source Protection Plan
Completion:  2010-2012
The Source Protection Plan will build on the information contained in the earlier reports.  The Plan will detail:

Policies and programs to eliminate existing significant threats
Policies and programs to ensure no future drinking water threats become significant threats
Rules for activities in wellhead and intake protection zones:
Public education programs
Program to promote voluntary action


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