Lower Trent Conservation

2021 Native Plant Sale 

Tree & Shrub Seedlings, Saplings and Wildflowers

Upon placing an order, an invoice will be emailed to you from 'Payfirma' within 1-2 business days. Payment is required within 2 week of invoicing.  Unpaid orders will be cancelled.

Payment methods accepted include VISA and MasterCard credit cards (DEBIT NOT ACCEPTED), exact cash, cheque, or money order.

If you wish to cancel a paid order, a 10% administration fee will be deducted from the refund.

Order pick-up times will be confirmed by email: likely late April for seedlings, and early June for saplings and wildflower kits. The pick-up location will be at the Lower Trent Conservation office at 714 Murray Street located north of Trenton.

Tree Seedlings: 

  • Bare-root, 1' to 3' tall seedlings
  • Each species sold in bundles of 10
  • Evergreen & deciduous species: $11.50 and $14.00 per bundle, respectively
  • $12.00 Order Processing Fee
Species include: alternate leaf dogwood, balsam fir, balsam poplar, Bebb's willow, bitternut hickory, black cherry, black elderberry, black maple, black walnut, black willow, bur oak, butternut, button bush, grey dogwood, highbush cranberry, nannyberry, peach-leaf willow, pussy willow, red osier dogwood, sandbar willow, red maple, red oak, red pine, silver maple, staghorn sumac, sugar maple, white birch, white cedar, white oak, white pine, white spruce, yellow birch

Tree Saplings: maximum of 5 per order
  • Potted 4' to 5' tall saplings
  • 1 and 2 gallon pots
  • Evergreen & deciduous species
  • $15.00 per tree
Species include: balsam poplar, bur oak, red oak, silver maple, tamarack

Wildflower kits:  
  • 18 potted plants per kit (6 species x 3 pots per species) 
  • Kit A & Kit B
  • 4" pots
  • $50.00 per kit
Kit A includes: Fireweed, Foxglove beardtongue, Hoary vervain, Prairie dropseed, White wood aster, Wild columbine

Kit B includes: Butterfly milkweed, Dense blazingstar, Green headed coneflower, Prairie smoke, Side oats grama, Thimbleweed