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Flood Warning - Trent River & Lake Ontario/Bay of Quinte  - May 23, 2017

Above normal rain through April and early May combined with saturated ground conditions continues to cause high water level concerns across the Lower Trent Conservation watershed region (an area stretching from Quinte West to Grafton, and from Lake Ontario to Rice Lake) .

Flood Warning Update – Trent River

The Flood Warning issued on May 5, 2017 for the Trent River from Hastings to Trenton remains in effect. There continues to be minor flooding on some access roads, backyards and basements in low lying areas along the river.

High water levels and flows along the Trent River and Rice Lake have started to slowly decline after reaching peak levels last week. Residents living in low lying, floodplain areas along Rice Lake and the Trent River within the municipalities of Alnwick/Haldimand, Trent Hills and Quinte West should anticipate water levels to continue a gradual drop through the rest of the week. However, water levels and flows will remain high for at least a week or more.

This Flood Warning is in effect until Friday, May 26, 2017.

Flood Warning Update – Lake Ontario/Bay of Quinte

The Flood Warning issued on May 8, 2017 for Lake Ontario and Bay of Quinte shoreline from Grafton to Quinte West remains in effect.

Lake Ontario water levels have surpassed record high levels. Yesterday’s daily average water level measured at Cobourg was 75.80 masl (metres above sea level) which is 10 cm above the Lake Ontario 100 year stillwater flood elevation of 75.70 masl.

Water levels are expected to begin to gradually decline at some point over the next several weeks. Residents living in low lying, flood prone shoreline areas should anticipate high water level conditions to persist into June. However, increases in the static water level, or stillwater level, over the next couple of weeks will be much less than experienced recently.

Additionally, surge related flooding during periods of strong onshore winds and erosion damages from high waves is possible.  Bluffs and other shorelines areas may become unstable due to erosion and should be avoided. Residents should pay close attention to weather forecasts for approaching storm systems with high southeast, south or southwest winds.

Property owners are also reminded that any work along the shoreline (e.g., placement of fill, armour stone, etc.) will require a permit from Lower Trent Conservation and should call the office or visit the website ( www.ltc.on.ca ) for more information.

This Flood Warning is in effect until Wednesday, May 31, 2017

  Property owners living in flooded areas should take actions to protect themselves and their property. Homeowners affected by flooding should be aware that electrical, well and septic systems may be compromised. The public is urged to pay close attention to Health Unit guidelines for ensuring safe drinking water.

Local municipalities are the first to respond to, and assist with, flood emergencies. Residents requiring assistance should contact their local municipality. If you experience a flood emergency, call 911.

The public is advised to exercise extreme caution around all waterways. Strong currents pose a safety hazard to anyone. Areas around water control structures should be avoided at all times.

L ower Trent Conservation continues to monitor water levels and weather forecasts as part of its flood forecasting and warning program. Daily w ater level information is available on the Lower Trent Conservation website at http://www.ltc.on.ca/flood/ffw/cc/ . If you have concerns about water levels, please contact Lower Trent Conservation at (613) 394-4829.

An update to this Flood Warning for the Trent River will be provided on Friday, May 26, 2017 .

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