Lower Trent Conservation

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New Strategic Plan

Earlier this year, Lower Trent Conservation began work on a new strategic plan.  The public was provided the opportunity to provide initial comments this past spring. We are now looking for additional feedback. 

The strategic plan is meant to clearly articulate why we are here and set out goals and priorities for the next 10 years. Our first strategic plan was released in 1993 and updated in 2007. Our new strategic plan is to be released in 2018, our 50th anniversary year.

The draft Strategic Plan sets out the Drivers of Change, Values, Vision and Mission Statements, Environmental Goals & Priorities, and Organizational Commitments. We welcome your comments on the draft document until Friday, November 17, 2017.

Thank you! We look forward to your input.

TrentRiver_GlenRoss.jpgIn response to requests from local communities, Lower Trent Conservation was formed in 1968 under the Conservation Authorities Act to protect, restore and manage water and other natural resources within the Lower Trent Conservation watershed region.

Lower Trent Conservation is accountable to the residents of the watershed through our Board of Directors appointed by the elected councils of the seven municipalities located either entirely, or partially, within the watershed region. This accountability, combined with local decision making, is a key strength that Lower Trent Conservation draws on as we work with our partners to address the region’s environmental challenges.

We are striving to be a local leader in conservation - working with others towards healthy watersheds for now and future generations.

We see healthy watersheds as having:
  • excellent water quality
  • excellent water quantity
  • reduced flood & erosion risk
  • natural areas for all to share
  • abundant & diverse natural habitats
  • vibrant & productive communities
  • people who appreciate the natural environment